Save Time and Stress with Our Simple Meal Planner for Couples

WhatDinner allows you to easily to decide a meal together.

We offer a simple meal planning interface targeted to couples who like to prepare their dinner together.

Who is this for?

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WhatDinner is focused on couples and smaller groups.

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What to cook tonight?

You don't know what to cook tonight and don't want to argue. WhatDinner offers a simple solution.

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Plan ahead

You like to make a meal plan ahead and reduce food waste and make the most of the ingredients that you already have on hand.

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Love Cooking

You love to prepare your dinner together.

How does it work?

Provide Your Meals

Cook what you know.
We don't provide any preselect meals. You provide the list of meals you ever prepared.
Tell us how often you want eat this?
Some dishes are easier to prepare and some take time, you don't want to prepare a pizza every day.
Try new recipe as well.
Add a new meal "Try a new recipe today" and that way you still have the option to try something new!
Meal Plan

Choose Dinner

We provide three choices.
The choices are generated respecting how often you wanted each recipe.
See what your partner chooses
Once you made your choice, you see what your partner agreed. On disagreement you decide together.
You don't like anything?
If nobody liked the choices, you can agree to let the system re-generate three new choices.
Meal Plan


We offer a simple pricing and much more:

  • Suggest Ideas
  • Support an IndieHacker!
  • Premium Support


How do I contact you?
Use the contact link below.
How is this page different from other meal planner?
Most meal planner are generic and solve different issues. We were looking for a specific for our needs (e.g. offer choice on what to eat) and could not find any.
Do you offer refund?
No, your credit card is charged after 7 days trial period. If you cancel within 7 days, no amount is charged.
Why did you develop WhatDinner?
Initially we developed it for personal use and thought it could be useful for others as well.
Who developed this project?
This project is mainly developed by Kiru. Checkout to discover more projects.
Do you share any data?
No personal information is shared with third parties.